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Subliminal Education (Back To School)

“We are looking for a sign writer.“ Well thats how it started with a phone call from Joseph Swan Academy in Gateshead “Is this something you can do?“ they asked. So what started with adding a bit of sparkle to a unused area of the school suddenly grew in to transforming a rather drab looking school into something that grabs your attention and secretly teaches the pupils without them noticing (Subliminal Education) as I like to call it. Although it started with a quote for a small wall in a exterior part of the school that job was soon put on the back burner and another one took over as […]


Darth Ernest (Street Art)

Well its not every day that you get to paint a 20′ high Sith Lord on a gable end of a Cafe/Bar in the middle of Newcastle’s Art District that is Ouseburn But thanks to the eagle eyes of some dear friends thats exactly what i ended up doing. It really started out as a giggle but became reality after the great north east weather destroyed a Morley poster that the man himself pasted on to the side of Ernest in Ouseburn After seeing a post via the powers of Facebook i commented on the picture that was asking for ideas for new artwork for the side of the building. So […]


Shutter Speed (Shop Shutter Artwork / Mural)

This was my first venture in shop shutter painting and what a place to start . The Desolate Streets of South Moor……….. (nah seriously im a moor lad born and bread and will always love the place even though its now worse than Mos Esley space port on a bad day) So anyway heres how it came about a good friend Kelly Matthews of mine has a nice little photography business Kelly Matthews Photography  (you would never guess the name would you hahahah) She wanted to bring abit of a sparkle to the shop front, Dropped me a line and i came up with this So we ran it by […]