We are looking for a sign writer.“ Well thats how it started with a phone call from Joseph Swan Academy in Gateshead “Is this something you can do?“ they asked.

So what started with adding a bit of sparkle to a unused area of the school suddenly grew in to transforming a rather drab looking school into something that grabs your attention and secretly teaches the pupils without them noticing (Subliminal Education) as I like to call it.

Although it started with a quote for a small wall in a exterior part of the school that job was soon put on the back burner and another one took over as priority, to transform a blank entrance to the Science Department within the school building.

The brief was all things science in one big wall mural so after a bit back and forth with ideas and feedback the fun began

I did eventually get back to doing the original job I quoted for but it was after having a few other murals and artwork for many other departments and areas within the school thrown into the equation. In fact the work in Joseph Swan Academy is still ongoing and I’m reliving my school days with new eyes. It’s great fun as well as learning about even more stuff due to the nature of the work. hahahaha

Leeroy / Lee Ferry






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