Custom Artwerk has been helping to raise children’s aspirations as part of a project at their primary school.

sr1sheild row Mural

Youngsters at Shield Row Primary School, near Stanley, have been thinking about what they would like to be when they grow up and the skills they would need to achieve their dreams.Professionals from different jobs have visited the school to deliver talks, including an airline pilot and a yoga instructor.One day, pupils were encouraged to attend school dressed in the uniform of the job they hope to do.

Artist Lee Ferry of Custom Artwerk has helped create a display illustrating the children’s hopes and ambitions and this will be updated as they progress through the school. Some children have had their thoughts recorded on video. Head teacher Andrew Knighton said: “It’s a journey of the children’s aspirations that will change over time as the children grow”.

“We wanted to let the children see the wider world outside Stanley so they could think about what they’d like to do when they’re older and what they need to do to achieve that dream. The wall looks brilliant.”

The display is based on the sky and stars, with the phrase ‘the sky’s the limit’ prominent. There are also inspiring quotes.