Toon Army Toon Army (NUFC Gates)

Ring Ring….. Ring Ring went the phone at 08:30 bit of an early start for a day working from home.

Hello… Hi Is that Lee… Yeah sure is what can I do for you?…..

Hi this is John were looking for someone who can paint a Newcastle United Crest.

So to cut a long story short. I take this call regarding painting the NUFC Crest on some gates, ok I can do that no big deal done a few NUFC crests on walls no big deal but they also want St. James Park picking out in gold on the letters that are already on the gates?

Ok yeah no problem Im thinking some one has some gates and wants NUFC crest and St James Park putting on them there currently sand blastng and repairing them…. Hmmmmmmm somethings not right here Im thinking.

(Please Note I am not a football fan so the penny has not dropped at this point)

so you have some gates you want painting with the nufc crest etc I say. Yeah thats right comes the reply there the gates from St James Park Newcastle ……. Queue Big pause from me as the penny drops

sadly due to the nature of the job Im sworn to secrecy about the location of said gates and I cant tell anyone that Im painting them until the big unveil But im on cloud nine regardless it isnt everyday you get to paint something that mean a lot to thousands

and I even get my 15 seconds of fame on the local tv news

Leeroy / Lee Ferry