Well its not every day that you get to paint a 20′ high Sith Lord on a gable end of a Cafe/Bar in the middle of Newcastle’s Art District that is Ouseburn

But thanks to the eagle eyes of some dear friends thats exactly what i ended up doing.

It really started out as a giggle but became reality after the great north east weather destroyed a Morley poster that the man himself pasted on to the side of Ernest in Ouseburn


After seeing a post via the powers of Facebook i commented on the picture that was asking for ideas for new artwork for the side of the building.

So i did what everyone always does and had a bit nose around the Ernest facebook page only to discover that there’s a bit of a star wars thing going down on one of the walls inside and been a bit of a fan myself i though hang on a moment.

It’s a strange thing when all of a sudden out of the blue everything falls in to place and this was one of those moments for sure ( For me anyway )

So one windy Thursday morning praying it wouldn’t rain there i am at 1 Boyd Street, NE2 1AP that has a fresh painted wall putting up a scaffold armed with a host of painting implements and an A4 sketch hanging on for dear life and loving every second of it

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1316 17 IMG_4923

Impresive. Most Impressive 

All i can say is it was a total pleasure to be able to do this on such a great venue and if you are down that way make sure you call in and sample the delight that is Ernest and if your a Darth Vader fan then get your picture took standing with the Mighty Sith Lord serving drinks before he gets a makeover he may not be there for ever but the force will always be strong at Ernest 

Thanks To Gavin Marshall and all the crew down At Ernest 

Leeroy / Lee Ferry