This was my first venture in shop shutter painting and what a place to start . The Desolate Streets of South Moor……….. (nah seriously im a moor lad born and bread and will always love the place even though its now worse than Mos Esley space port on a bad day)

So anyway heres how it came about a good friend Kelly Matthews of mine has a nice little photography business Kelly Matthews Photography 

(you would never guess the name would you hahahah)

She wanted to bring abit of a sparkle to the shop front, Dropped me a line and i came up with this


So we ran it by the local council to be told that apparently you need an advertising license to advertise your own business on your own shutters ( strange ) but they were quite happy to let me do it if i removed the KMP from the image. So if your after the shutters of your business painting please keep that fact in mind or buy a license from the council ( I cant say what i think at this point )

Anyway it was all go so heres the pics.

1 2
3 4
5 shutters

The job itself was pretty straight forward and took about 10 hrs to do over 2 days, it was a good laugh doing it met some great locals who wanted to shake my hand for some strange reason and a lot of youngsters who thought i was doing it without permission. All in all was a great job to do and it has made South Moor just a little bit more pleasing to the eye

And if you do fancy a nice family photograph or any photography services i can highly recommend Kelly’s skills to you and your family and friends 

Oh and im about to give the Interior of her studio a little bit of sparkle also  

Leeroy / Lee Ferry